The IHSR Director, Dr Nor Izzah Ahmad Shauki, led the MAera Team at a Stakeholder engagement session today with Top Policy makers, chaired by Dato' Dr. Norhizan bin Ismail, Director, Medical Development Division. The engagement session was attended by the many Heads of Division, Sector, Unit and public health experts under the Medical Development Division.

The MAera team delivered 3 presentations:
A. MAera -the Alliance - Dr Shakirah Md.Sharif
B. Covid-19 Health Systems response research- Dr Fun Weng Hong
C. MAera PowerBI for Covid-19 Health Systems response ( Mr Ang Zen Yang,

With a fourth presentation by Dr Hirman Ismail on the M&E Systems used at the Division.

An energetic and enlightening discussion ensued with many questions and clarifications. Two recipients of MAera's services, Dr Goh Cheng Soon, the Director of Traditional and/or Complementary Medicine and Ms S Devi, the representative of the Director of Nursing, shared the benefits they gained from MAera's team.

It was a fruitful awareness creation for the services of MAera as well as the beginning of a collaboration to document Malaysia's health systems response to Covid-19.