Stakeholder Engagement for Outcome Indicators for Monitoring Pressure Injury Prevention, a project under the Malaysia Alliance for Embedding Rapid Reviews in Health Systems Decision making (MAera)
6th December 2019

This final stakeholder engagement was graced by the Directors of Nursing and IHSR, with representatives from nursing division, the National Patient Safety Goal Secretariat, Quality Unit, Family Health and Development Division, Bahagian Pengurusan Latihan, Curriculum Development Unit, Wound Care Consultant Dr Harikrishna.K.R. Nair (KMN) Head of Wound Care, Jabatan Perubatan Am, Hospital Kuala Lumpur with the research team members.

The Principal Investigator, Matron Kong Yuke Lin, together with members of her team, presented key results to stakeholders. Dr Shakirah Mohd Sharif, MAera Chief Operating Officer, was called upon to share the methodology and aim of MAera in general including the specific aims in the country for health systems improvement. Chaired by Dr Nor Izzah Ahmad Shauki, both Dr Nor Izzah and the DON, Hjh Tumble Bt. Ngadiran@Tomblow thanked and congratulated the team for a job well done, with the results feeding into changes in the definition of indicator used in Malaysia towards health systems improvement, impacting change in inpatient care monitoring, education and in service training and possibly domiciliary care as well.